Vector Fashion M88 Lectra yoc 2011
• Vector Fashion M88 Is a productive tool capable of cutting knitted fabrics with an unmatched cutting height.
• Vector Fashion M88 Lets you offer products of impeccable quality while keeping costs down.
(1800 mm (70.9 in)

Pfaff KSM 230   16 heads  240

Flat Embroidery Machine. Kept in nicely working conditions 

 2 Schiffli Embroidery machines for sale
a. Metal Mecanica year 1973
15 yards
Shuttle No. 7.5
Quantity of shuttles 1000 pcs.
Frame height (embroidery area 75cm)
Total needles 1000 needles
b. Comerio Ercole year 1976
15 yards
Shuttle No. 6
Quantity of shuttles 1500 pcs.
Frame height (embroidery area 105cm)
1 Stitching machine is included
1 Card punching machine is included
All sapre parts in factory will go with the machines
Machines are still on floor, connected to power and can turn on for test run before dismantling

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