Di-Ammonium Phosphate DAP (18:46)
Chemical Analysis

Total Nitrogenmin.:18%

Total P2O5.min: 46%

Water/citrate-soluble P2O5 min: 46%

Water-soluble P2O5 min: 43%

Moisture max: 1.7%

Screen Analysis

%by weight between 1 and 4mm min:95%



                        Name                                          Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate        

                         Nature                                         Free Flowing crystals

                         Colour                                          White Transparent Crystals.

                         Taste                                             Bitter

                         Density                                        1.7 gm/cm 3

                         Molecular weight                    246.47gm /mol

                        Sulphur (S)                                  13.00%

                         Bulk Density                              0.95gm/cm 3

                         Specific gravity                         1.68

 Chemical Analysis:

                          Purity                                           99.5%

                          Magnesium as Mg                  9.8%

                          Magnesium Oxide MgO      16.3%

                          Iron as Fe                                    0.6 ppm

                          Chlorides                                    100 ppm

                          PH                                                  7 +0.5

                          Solubility                                  100 % water Soluble

                          Saturation Point                     25.8% Mgso4 By weight at 20 Deg Cel.



Lead as Pb                                           : Below Detectable limit (Detectable limit -0.1ppm)

Arsenic as As2o4                              : Below Detectable limit (Detectable limit -0.02ppm)    

Selenium                                            : NIL

Copper                                                 : NIL   

Mercury                                              : NIL

Cadmium as Cd                                : NIL


Packing Types: 25 / 50 Kg HDPE bag with inner liner.

Our product is used in Horticulture fields, Rose Gardens fields, Floriculture fields,  Agriculture fields, , House plants, etc

Some varieties and hybrids of crops such as corn, soybeans, lespedeza, cotton and celery may require more Mg than others.

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